A complete Lab organizer tool. Is the perfect companion for the Web tool (


My first App published for science. This app allows you to navigate through all the stages of the C.elegans embryogenesis. It allows you to search for cells by Sulston´s name, descritipion, proper name etc. Allows multicolor labeling of the searches. Share on the social networks your cool research on C.elegans using this app. It generates 3D models that are publication grade. This app obtained a mention as one of the best science apps by the GEN magazine;,

ERA-EDTA Congress App

Based on the the framework that I wrote for MyTimeline and MyFestCalendar, I developed this app that became the official app for a medical congress with more than 10000 attendees



A nice and elegant patriotic app for Spaniards


An unofficial app for the San Sebastian´s Jazz Festival 2013

My Timeline

An unofficial and very successful app for the famous festival PRIMAVERA SOUND 2013.


A mass finder for Spain. Features a nice map that tells you what is around right away. It also allows for complex searches.

USA TripKit

A nice and friendly tool for people traveling to the USA. Simply helps you with the most common measures that you have to deal with as a tourist. Not an overkilled measure converter. Just what you need.


A simple and effective app for calculating Settlements after being laid-off in Spain. More than 6000 downloads.


My first app, with more than 11200 downloads as of April 2014 became a great sucess. More than 100 ratings, most of which are 5 stars. I continue to support and add languages to this app.